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We are a company of AAA veterans who decided to take a break from huge productions and find refuge in the mountains of
southern Poland. In the past we've contributed our skills and lives to critical and commercial successes of games such as:

  • The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Ancient Space
  • Hard West
  • Kholat

  • and many more smaller indie titles.

    During the production of those games we always had an idea of how a
    development process should look like so we decided to start our own company.

    This is how Fool's Theory has come to life!



    We are always more than willing to hear from talented individuals with knowledge, experience, and variety of skills.

    Currently we are looking for:

  • Animator
  • Technical Artist
  • Programmer

  • If you feel you have what it takes - please let us know!

    Send your CV, Portfolio or anything you want to show us at:


    PS We mostly look for people who are willing to relocate but even if you are a freelancer drop us a line, we do
    outsource sometimes.


    Together with IMGN.PRO we are happy to announce our first project - Seven.

    In Seven you’ll play a role of a lone traveler roaming the world of Empire of Vetrall,
    who’s constantly facing it's cruelty and confronting it's dual nature.

    The Apocalypse that took place many centuries ago didn't wiped out all.
    Humanity or what's left of it, has slowly recovered, but the shape and condition of this
    new world is far from what it used to be.

    In this new reality Dark Ages are constantly interwinding with the ancient advanced technology.
    And in doesn't make it any easier for those who were lucky or unlucky enough to survive.

    Find out more at
    http://www.seven-game.com    Twitter    Facebook


    Business: biz@foolstheory.com
    Career related inquiries: jobs@foolstheory.com
    Media and other inquiries: info@foolstheory.com