Our games

We have been learning from the best and working with the finest. Starting from our first title, Seven: The Days Long Gone, gaining experience under the eye of the industry giants, we were finally ready for our most significant accomplishment so far.


The Thaumaturge is a mature RPG game taking place in 1905 Warsaw. It is based on our original IP and is published by our partner, 11 bit studios. Partnership with 11 bits allows us to expand our potential and focus on developing narrative-rich games that convey mature stories. The Thaumaturge is full of ambiguous choices that provoke thoughtful reflection on human nature, which became a hallmark of our mission.


Proud of the past and fixing our gaze on the future, we are currently cooperating with CD Projekt Red on The Witcher I remake, hoping it is just the beginning of the challenges our path will bring.


Project support

and many other unrevealed projects