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While implementing our projects, we create design tools, which we offer to other studios under license. Check our offer.


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We developed and used this tool during our work on The Thaumaturge. It allowed us to speed up our work and create 21 hours of cinematic content (including 400 dialogues, 40,000 sequencers, and more than 3000 animations), maintaining high quality of the content.


This tool:

  • Allows quick and automated dialogue creation
  • Saves time and costs
  • Is easy to learn
  • Generate high-production quality assets with the option of fine-tuning


  • Intuitive system for your content team – scenes are placed based on a film set and script
  • Automatic resting sequences for actors
  • Generated facial expressions
  • Gesticulation based on keywords
  • Lighting and shots by the principles of cinematography


To sum up!

Fool’s Theory Cinematic Dialogue System is a simple way to create and lower the costs of complex dialogue scenes. It gives you unique functionalities based on text and voice, allows easy adaptation to the selected language, offers maximum automation, reduces human error, and provides flexibility and high expansion potential. Our system is the best way to take your project to the next level.

The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Smart Growth Operational Program. The project is carried out as part of the competition of the National Center for Research and Development: Fast Track – Digital Innovations.


Project title: Development work on the development of an innovative, fully automated tool that will replace a number of manual processes of implementing dialogue scene animation in 3D narrative games, enabling a significant acceleration of the process of implementing dialogue scenes in relation to traditional methods and tools available on the market.


The aim of the project is to develop process innovation (a novelty on a global scale) in the form of a comprehensive dialogue tool containing a set of algorithms that automatically generate the content of dialogue scenes.

Thanks to the developed algorithms, it will be possible to automatically generate dialogue scenes at a level at least as high as in the case of manual implementation of individual sub-processes, and thus significantly increase the efficiency of the entire animation production process.


A direct effect of the acceleration of the above-mentioned processes will be cost reduction, providing specialists with an advanced tool that will enable easy implementation of content generation, currently traditionally implemented manually (animations, VO, lighting, camera shots, etc.).


Project number: POIR.01.01.01-00-0258/22

The project’s value: 12 847 577,67 PLN

Value of the European Funds’ contribution: 6 423 788,87 PLN