Fool's Theory is a collective of AAA veterans who share a simple philosophy - unbridled passion and flexible process is the perfect combo for crafting great games.

Our mad laboratory is perched in the magical city of Bielsko-Biala in Southern Poland, where we have contributed to the making of some major commercial successes and indy standouts:

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings,

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,

Ancient Space, Hard West,


and our own in-house property,
Seven: The Days Long Gone.

We have recently expanded into content support, working with likes of Taliespin, Larian Studios and other major undisclosed AAA productions.
If you have a passion and a will to make an amazing game, we would love to meet you.


Jakub Rokosz

CEO / Project Lead

Krzysztof Mąka

Art Director

Karolina Kuzia-Rokosz

Design Director

  • Kamil Tarnawa

    Lead Gameplay Designer

  • Łukasz Kajzer

    Lead Level Artist

  • Miłosz Czajkowski

    Lore Master / UI Designer

  • Agata Jabłońska


  • Wiktor Frączek


  • Adam Brejnakowski

    QA / DevOps Lead

  • Artur Loska


  • Bartosz Bigaj


  • Grzegorz Wątroba


  • Witold Wąsowicz


  • Dawid Bargiel

    Cinematic Designer

  • Tomasz Koperski

    Gameplay Designer

  • Wojciech Dziuk

    Gameplay Designer

  • Marlena Kiepel

    Level Designer

  • Adrian Merka

    Quest Designer

  • Łukasz Witkowski

    Quest Designer

  • Agnieszka Wlazły

    Sound Designer

  • Paweł Nowak


  • Andrzej Wysocki

    Concept Artist

  • Ewa Krzyżewska

    Concept Artist

  • Anita Harężlak

    3D Artist

  • Dawid Kubas

    3D Artist

  • Jakub Piekorz

    3D Artist

  • Maciej Zakowicz

    3D Artist

  • Martyna Hajduk

    3D Artist

  • Przemysaw Piprek

    3D Artist

  • Andriy Mazuryk

    3D Character Artist

  • Diogenes Spodzieja

    3D Character Artist

  • Jakub Wajda

    3D Character Artist

  • Wojciech Szot

    3D Character Artist

  • Aleksander Zając


  • Piotr Gierlotka

    Environment Artist

  • Franciszek Zgliński

    Technical Artist

  • Grzegorz Jagliński

    QA / DevOps

  • Paulina Stemplewska

    QA Tester

  • Anna Hachulska

    Office Manager

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